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Provide your preschool parents with professional daily news reports online and save a few trees! Sign up for a free account to get started today. Reporting news couldn't be simpler. Edit news directly on this website using your computer or favorite mobile device. Take pictures of your preschoolers and attach the photos to the news.

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Choose from one of our professionally designed daily news themes, attach photos of your preschooler's to their news and impress your preschool clients. Parents love Preschool Gazette because it helps keep them connected to their child throughout the day. Sign up for a free account today and find out why everyone loves Preschool Gazette.

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We offer flexible pricing options to fit your budget and preschool. We even offer a free option that does not require a credit card. Simply sign up today and start reporting news with no strings attached. If you love it, and we know you will, you can upgrade to a premium account at any time without losing any of your news.

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